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Tips for Packing a Container for Shipping by Sea

Outside paneling should be free of any holes, dents, bulges, or cracks. The doors and their hardware, including locks and hinges, must be in excellent working condition, and the gaskets must be examined to ensure that when the doors are closed, the interior of the structure is waterproof. Examine the condition of the Lifting Fittings at each of the four corners of the container.

Check the attachment connections of the container to the trailer chassis to verify they are in excellent operating condition. Check sure the matching fabric cover is in excellent shape and properly fastened if the lid is detachable or the container has a hole on the top. Labels warning of the presence of hazardous products, for example, must be removed from the exterior of the container if they were present during the prior shipment. Ascertain that the temperature in the refrigerated containers is appropriate for the goods.

There should be no splinters, snags, dents, or bulges within. To avoid contamination, the container must be fully empty. Inside, there is no space for frost, perspiration, or other types of moisture. Conduct a thorough check to ensure that there are no evidence of insects, rodents, germs, or fungus. This will avoid any unneeded delays created by the Port Health Authorities. As soon as the doors are opened, a taint-free and odorless container is required. The container’s fragrance is essential. Do this if you want to check whether the container can keep water out. Look for light leaks in the walls and the floor after you’ve entered the container and sealed the doors. Those should inspire a trip to the shop for a new container.

Before using the product, please properly read the supplied instructions and recommendations. Check that all of the hardware, such as cleats and rings used to hold products, is securely fastened and in excellent working order. Check that any ventilation apertures are not blocked and that baffles have been fitted to prevent rain and saltwater from entering.

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